Launching Mother’s Day Weekend 2019

I’m Juliet, a new Mom, and author of the upcoming “UnMothered Quick Guide to Maternity Leave.”

The UnMothered Blog is dedicated to content I create from the point of view of a Mom, who never had a Mom.

My own Mother died of ovarian cancer when I was a toddler. I have no memories of her and up until now – always thought I was in a good place with my grief and then came Motherhood. This new stage made me realize how much I miss my own Mother, and how much I’ve missed not growing up with her.

To process this new stage and to provide a community for other parents going through the same stages of parenting through grief, I took to writing – something I’ve always done throughout my life.

This is a place for articles on motherhood, parenting, processing grief through parenthood, and the business of being a working parent.

Juliet Plante is a writer and Mom located in Los Angeles. She has an extensive background in marketing brands and curating social content across the U.S. for the retail, business, and hospitality industries.